Where Am I Right Now?

Where Am I Right Now in this situation

Where Am I Right Now in this situation? The recent technology innovation of the web that enables people to find their location where they are is referred as Geo-locating. Many of us may have heard about Google Earth which gives geographical details of the whole world within seconds. If you have also heard about any other innovative web based technology then you are aware of their existence. But to know about the usage and purpose of all these new technologies one needs to know first where is the place of today.

How to Find My Location on the Internet

The basic aim behind the Geo-location feature of any website is to show you the location of an existing location of a user along with its coordinates. This helps the users to get hold of location details about a particular place where they are currently located. The main question arises where am I located currently? The tool display current location with exact latitude and longitude coordinates and display current position with the help of a grid like the latitude and longitude co-ordinates are very helpful for all who are in the journey, traveling, planning a vacation, booking hotels, planning a cab, etc. The main idea behind offering Geo-location service is to let the user know about their present location and lets them know what is their future location.

Where Am I Right Now
Where Am I Right Now

Google Earth is considering the best and popular free web based GIS (geolocation) tool. It displays different types of map using global positioning satellites, aerodynamic model, terrain modeling or topography. Along with these features, Google Earth has a wide variety of other tools and interactive maps like Google Map link and others. By getting hold of the Google Earth application you can track your location on a sphere or a flat map where longitude and latitude coordinates are available. There are various benefits of using this interactive tool such as Geo-locate tool provides fast location lookup, shows location maps with longitude and latitude co-ordinates, provides online map viewing facility and offers GIS visualization capability.

latitude and longitude coordinate are important for users to locate any point on earth with ease. latitude and longitude coordinate are helpful in knowing the exact location of any point along the earth’s surface. Geolocation works with any smart phone with a web browser. You just need to enter some information about your recent location such as latitude and longitude. The Geo-locate API also provides recent map view and information about recent places of interest.

The main advantage of using Geo-locate tool is that it helps to determine the precise location of a certain point with reference to precise IP address. With the help of latitude and longitude data entered into Geo-locate program; you can find out your location along with the exact IP address. This makes it easy for you to get directions to your current location, find an address in a new location, search for a person, locate a business, etc. Using Geo-locate program, you can also check whether the current location is on public property or not and see whether there are any structures present there.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is an acronym for Global System for Information Transfer. It is a constellation of satellites that circle the earth and provide accurate position and time information regarding positions, speed, direction and other parameters. GPS was initially developed by the United States Department of Defense. Now, it is used by many international agencies for various purposes. It was initially used by U.S. military to track enemy soldiers, but later it was preferred by civilians too for navigation purposes. A device which is GPS compatible is necessary for downloading data from any GPS enabled electronic device such as GPS enabled telephone, PDA or mobile phone.

There are many ways to find your location on the internet. The best way is to use a free Google map applicationlet which can be downloaded from the Android Market. Once you install this map applet on your android phone, simply search for your location by typing in the exact address you are looking for. In addition, you can also enter longitude and latitude and the map will highlight all the places that are close to your current position. With this application you can also track your location on a map with the help of a few simple buttons.

If you want to know where I am I need not look any further than my smart phone GPS enabled smartphone or tablet. I always feel prepared when I know where I am. It helps me concentrate and deal with stress. Moreover, when you need to find where am I right now on the internet, just follow the simple step mentioned above and search for location address on popular search engines. If the result page shows an address with the name, then I have definitely found my location.


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