Top 10 Best Steam Iron to buy

Electrolux ESI4015

Steam irons are one of the essential equipment for every home. Today, instead of dry iron, people prefer to use steam iron because of its convenience and outstanding features. So what kind of quality steam iron should you buy? If in doubt, please refer to the top 10 Best Steam Iron to buy article that we summarize below.

#1. Electrolux ESI 4017 steam iron

This is one of the best and best selling steam irons in the market today. Modern product design with delicate blue and white tones. The capacity of the 1600W machine is suitable for many families. Assisting users to flat ironing clothes, to fold quickly. The surface is equipped with stainless steel, anti-scratch, creating a smooth surface, easy cleaning.

Electrolux ESI 4017

In particular, this iron model can be used both dry and steam. Users can fully enable the spraying function to flat clothes hanging on a hook. The water bottle of Electrolux ESI 4017 is 200ml. The tip of the nose has water filling holes and a lid. Besides, there are convenient button grooves, … The overall design ensures both beautiful and effective ironing.

#2. Pensonic PSI-1008 steam irons

This is best steam iron in 2020. If you want to choose the compact steam iron models, the Pensonic PSI 1008 is the ideal suggestion for you. This iron model has a power of 1200W and is designed to be very easy to use. The surface of the product uses durable aluminum. There is a quality anti-stick coating to prevent rust, creating a smooth feeling.

Pensonic PSI-1008 steam irons

This is also a model of 2-in-1 steamer iron. You can both use dry iron and steam iron or steam iron. Using the right function, wrinkles in difficult areas can be straightened quickly.The Pensonic PSI 1008’s tank has a fairly large capacity. The hole is designed to be small and convenient. So, you only need to pour water once to be able to use it for a long time. The wire part of this iron is not stiff but soft, rotating 360 degrees. This ensures smooth movement, making it possible to rotate the iron to all corners.

#3. Philips GC1426 / 79 steam iron

This model is especially suitable for “devotees” of green. Philips GC1426 / 79 – the best steam iron has a modern design with bright green tones. The machine has a capacity of 1400W, after being plugged in, it will be hot very quickly. To use it you just need to perform a few simple operations with the crown. For different fabrics, the machine will have the right temperature.

Philips GC1426 / 79 - the best steam iron

The aluminum base of this iron model uses high-quality non-stick aluminum. So the machine is capable of being soft, fast, easy to clean, without worrying about scratching the fabric. Not only that, the Philips GC1426 / 79 also has a self-cleaning mode. Through the steam injection hole, all residue will be automatically removed. The machine also has a dry and water mode, convenient steam injection.

#4. Pensonic PSI-1007 steam irons

The next good-quality steam iron on this list is the Pensonic PSI 1007. It has a mid-range 1200W power with good performance, quick heat. To flatten clothes, you can use the easy steam iron function. Both steam or jet are very handy and flexible.

Pensonic PSI-1007 steam irons

The overall design is impressive with a curved back base incorporating rounded lines. The wire of the table is 360 degree rotating, soft. 170ml water compartment, easy to add water as well as cleaning. As with other models, the soleplate of Pensonic PSI 1007 uses non-stick aluminum alloy material. In addition, the price of this iron model is also very reasonable. As a product of a prestigious Malaysian brand, you can rest assured.

#5. Philips GC514 – Model steam iron persistence

Philips products are always appreciated for their design and functionality. For model Philips GC514 steam iron is no exception. The colors of this iron model are very elegant and sophisticated. Product design vertical spray with 3 levels of flexible adjustment. 1600W capacity with impressive steam ability to help flat clothes extremely quickly.

Philips GC514

The smooth, non-stick soleplate is super slippery on all fabrics. Most impressive of all is the EasyTouch Plus function, which provides extremely fast ironing. In addition, you can also adjust the height of the iron stem and the rack to make clothes right on the hook. And yet, Philips GC514 also has an Easy DeCalc function. With this function, the machine will be cleaned, thereby enhancing product life.

The Philips GC514 water tank has a capacity of up to 1.6L. The transparent exterior design makes it easy to monitor the water level. In addition, adding water to the bottle is also more convenient. The soleplate is equipped with high quality plastic material, quickly and clean clothes flat. This product deserves to be one of the best steam irons

#6. Philips GC1418 steam iron

Philips GC1418 steamer is ergonomic hand-held with luxurious design. The base of the iron is stainless steel, coated with quality anti-stick. The smooth surface helps to iron items quickly, without scratching or burning the fabric.

Philips GC1418 steam iron

The device has a capacity of 1200W and a storage tank of 170ml. With these parameters, it can be seen that this is the right model for families who need to iron a moderate amount of clothes. Philips GC514 also incorporates 2 injection modes, steam spray. For stubborn wrinkles, just use a strong spray to get back the flatness. Ngoài ra, thiết bị cũng được trang bị thêm nhiều chức năng tiện ích khác. Điển hình như chức năng làm sạch, tùy chỉnh nhiệt độ dễ dàng,… Philips GC514 thuộc phân khúc giá rẻ nhưng chức năng và độ bền khá ấn tượng.

#7. Electrolux ESI4015

Electrolux ESI4015 is highly regarded for its exterior design. Combining white and purple, this iron model exudes a modern, luxurious look. The nose is designed extremely delicate, can be squeezed into small corners for flat ironing. The buttons incorporate functions for easy adjustment. From the temperature to the amount of water, you just need to perform simple operations.

Electrolux ESI4015

The soleplate is aluminum alloy for the ability to be soft. Capacity of 1200W, relatively cheap price, can meet the needs of families with moderate usage needs.

#8. Daewoo DWS-8038

If you are looking for a mid-range portable steam iron with feminine design, do not miss the Daewoo DWS-8038. Hand held buttons are scientifically designed, creating convenience for users. The soleplate uses high-quality materials, has a non-stick coating, to avoid scratching or burning of the fabric.

Daewoo DWS-8038

Daewoo DWS-8038 has 300ml tank with capacity of 1200W. With this iron model, in just a short time you can completely flatten a relatively large amount of clothes. Furthermore, the product consumes only a small amount of electricity. Especially, when the capacity is over or running out of water, the tap will automatically alarm. This ensures safety during use.

#9. Tefal FV3840 steam iron

It is difficult to criticize the design of this steam iron because its design or color is very luxurious. Dark blue color and white lines bring out a refined beauty. The soleplate uses high quality materials, coated with non-stick coating, providing the best ironing performance.

Tefal FV3840 steam iron

Tefal FV3840’s water tank has a capacity of 270ml, easy to add water, long time use. Compared to other models, the Tefal FV3840 has a much larger capacity. Specifically, with 2300W, you can iron a very large amount of clothes in a short time. The iron also features a drainage system, ensuring necessary humidity during the process. Not only that, Tefal FV3840 also owns many other impressive functions. Like spraying mist, steam at high speed, the filter works well to prevent dirt, …

#10. Panasonic Pabu-Ni-P250TGRA steam iron

Pabu-Ni-P250TGRA is the best steam iron in the list of durable and stable steam irons. Products with modern design with easy and convenient handles. The body is equipped with buttons, easy to rotate, convenient to adjust. The sole of Pabu-Ni-P250TGRA is very different. It is a U-shaped set, with premium materials, providing a smooth and smooth surface when ironing.

Panasonic Pabu-Ni-P250TGRA steam iron

The water tank capacity of this iron model is very large – 1.8L. Combining an operating power of up to 1550W, this iron model can meet the needs of large ironing. With Pabu-Ni-P250TGRA you can be any fabric, even thick wool.


Above are the top 10 Best Steam Iron to buy today that 10best-Products has compiled. Choose a model that suits your family’s needs for the best experience. Have an energetic day.

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