Top 10 best microwaves in 2021

Sharp R-205VN (S) microwave 

Nowadays, microwaves are one of the most popular items to make the cooking process more convenient and efficient. Among the numerous products in the current outlet, buying a good one is not easy. Researching on the situation, we will introduce to you the top 10 Best Microwaves in 2021 through the following article.

What are the criteria for a good microwave?

A good microwave oven product needs to meet users’ demands, in which there are some typical criteria such as:


There are many types of products with different functions currently selling on the market. Therefore, you need to figure out what are their features and which one suits the needs of your family.


This is one of the top criteria that customers should care about. Since the use of microwaves is rather frequent, the amount of electricity consumed must be taken into consideration. This as a result will help save the costs significantly.

Sharp R-205VN (S) microwave  is Best Microwaves

Saving electricity is the  key to a good microwave is Best Microwaves

Choose on-demand

Normally, you are recommended to choose a microwave oven with the right capacity depending on how many people there are in your family and their food portions. If the number is only 4-5 people, you should choose a 20-23 liter electric oven with a capacity of 800w – 1000w.

Choose authentic products

To purchase qualified and authentic products, choose reputable brands. Authentic products must have warranty cards, anti-counterfeiting stamps and clear origins.

#Top 10 best microwaves 2020

There are diverse types of microwaves on the outlet at this time, however, if you are still hesitating which one suits you the best, please refer to the 10 Best Microwaves and worth buying products below.

  • Electrolux EMM20K18GW 20-liter microwave 

This is a product that a lot of customers choose to buy nowadays. Electrolux EMM20K18GW stands out with its classic style, the elegant combination of two colors – black and white.

Electrolux EMM20K18GW is equipped with 3 functions: cooking, warming and defrosting. Its capacity reaches a maximum of 800w with the defrost-timing feature. Therefore, food after thawing remains fresh and nutritious.

ELECTROLUX EMM20K18GW 20L electric oven

ELECTROLUX EMM20K18GW 20L electric oven is Best Microwaves

Electrolux 20 liter with control button panel, in which the Vietnamese language is available. Therefore, users can customize functions and capacity easily.

  • Sharp R-20A1 (S) VN 22-liter microwave

Sharp R-20A1 (S) VN is a microwave product with a gray electrostatic cover, thereby ensuring good safety for users when using. The product has a capacity of 22 liters but is still quite compact. At the same time, the oven cavity is enameled for easy and handy cleaning. Also, the glass baking plate and door have good thermal resistance so the product is durable for a long time.

Sharp R-20A1 (S) VN 22-liter microwave

The oven is designed with 5 power levels from low to high, up to 800w. Sharp R-20A1 (S) VN integrates 3 main functions: cooking, reheating and defrosting. Its timer is 30 minutes at the maximum. Typically, the highlight of Sharp R-20A1 (S) VN electric oven is up to speed, sensitive and does provide Vietnamese instruction translation.

  • Bluestone MOB-7709 Microwave

The Bluestone MOB-7709 microwave is a product whose capacity is up to 1050w. As a result, the food is cooked faster, more evenly and energy-efficiently. The oven has a moderate volume so it is suitable for nuclear families with 2 – 4 members.

Bluestone MOB-7709 Microwave is Best Microwaves

Additionally, Bluestone MOB-7709 has a cavity made of stainless steel, covered with electrostatic on the external. Therefore, the product is not only hygienic but also durable and safe for use.

Bluestone MOB-7709 includes English – Vietnamese language, helping users understand quickly without any troubles. From there, users can customize the parameter accordingly during its operation.

  • Panasonic NN – ST34HMYUE 25-Liter Microwave

Panasonic is a famous Japanese home appliance brand. Panasonic NN – ST34HMYUE products are currently one of the best-selling products at the moment. Panasonic NN – ST34HMYUE is designed elegantly and luxuriously with two color variants – black and gray.

Panasonic NN - ST34HMYUE electrical oven is a good-selling model currently.

Panasonic NN – ST34HMYUE electrical oven is a good-selling model currently.

At the same time, the front of the oven is covered with a luxurious and sophisticated black mirror. The outer part is made of insulating and thermal-insulating materials so it is extremely safe for users. Meanwhile, the inner part consists of enameled steel and tempered glass, therefore people will find it trouble-free when cleaning it.  

The oven has a capacity of up to 800w and a volume of 25 liters so it is suitable for extended families. Its functions include reheating, cooking and defrosting, as a result makes users feel more commodious while cooking.

In addition, with its smart control and super sensitive sensor, Panasonic NN – ST34HMYUE is said to be user-friendly. Another outstanding feature is that you can lengthen the timer by 30 seconds. 

  • Goldsun MWO-G20C7 20-Liter microwave

Goldsun MWO-G20C7 is the product of a Chinese brand. It helps you to heat and cook food. Moreover, Goldsun MWO-G20C7 is capable of baking and defrosting extremely effectively, therefore, food processed in this microwave is significantly delicious. Thanks to that, you can cook more tasty dishes for your families and beloved ones.

Goldsun MWO-G20C7 20-Liter microwave is Best Microwaves

The machine is designed compactly with delicate white color so it can be matched with every kitchen. Moreover, Goldsun MWO-G20C7 uses safe materials, is coated with high-quality non-stick enamel inside so there is no worry about any cleaning problems. The external part is made from tempered glass and the oven door is fabricated with transparent glass to help see the food easily.

  • Aqua AEM-G2088V 20-liter microwave

Aqua AEM-G2088V is a brand of microwaves from Japan. The product has the function of reheating, cooking, baking and defrosting with a capacity of up to 1000w. The Aqua AEM-G2088V electric oven is designed in a compact and sophisticated silver-gray color. Its volume is 20 liters, appropriate for families from two to four people.

The machine’s outer and inner parts are painted electrostatically and enameled respectively. The capacity of Aqua AEM-G2088V includes 5 levels with 2 control buttons, simple enough for starters to get acquainted with.

Aqua AEM-G2088V has various functions is Best Microwaves

Aqua AEM-G2088V has various functions is Best Microwaves

  • LG MH6842B 28-liter microwave

This is a popular and highly-recommended electronic oven by many customers. Aqua AEM-G2088V is integrated with 10 Vietnamese dish modes, 4 modes of defrosting meat, fish and reheating food. At the same time, the product also has the function of baking all kinds of cakes and toasting foods such as chicken, duck, etc.

LG MH6842B 28-liter microwave

An electronic control panel with a smart LED screen is also installed into the Aqua AEM-G2088V microwave, thus using smart microwave technology helps food cooked quickly and evenly.

Aqua AEM-G2088V oven is designed with a capacity of 900w and a grill capacity of up to 1000w. Thanks to that, cooking becomes faster and time-saving. Besides, with a volume of up to 28 liters, large families will be its potential customers.

  • Aqua AEM-S2195W Microwave

Aqua AEM-S2195W microwave is affordable, modern and luxurious. The product size is quite compact and up-to-date. Besides, its capacity is 19 liters, which is desirable for families of 3 – 4 people.

Aqua AEM-S2195W microwave is made from stainless steel so it is safe and thermal-resistant. Along with that, the shell is also painted with an electrostatic layer so users can rest assured.

Aqua AEM-S2195W is an affordable electric oven

Aqua AEM-S2195W is an affordable electric oven

The power of Aqua AEM-S2195W is 700w so you can cook whatever you like. In addition, the product also has a smart timer function which is a useful time-saving method during the time you are preparing your meal.

  • Sharp R-205VN (S) microwave 

This is a microwave model with a modern and luxurious design. The exterior is painted in silver and equipped with anti-vacuuming material. The capacity of Sharp R-205VN (S) is 20 liters, allowing you to process many dishes at the same time.

Sharp R-205VN (S) microwave 

Furthermore, the oven cavity and body are made of high-quality materials. Its cover has an electrostatic layer that makes it safe for users during its operation. Besides, the oven is also equipped with a Vietnamese control system and a distinguished timer for each dish. As a result, the cooking procedure becomes trouble-free and more convenient.

Sharp R-205VN (S) has a maximum capacity of up to 800w to help process dishes faster, thereby saving time and energy. Like other electric ovens, this product integrates 3 main functions: reheating, cooking and defrosting.

  • Panasonic NN-GM34JMYUE Microwave

Panasonic NN-GM34JMYUE has two color options: black and gray, which intensifies its luxury and dedication. The device is equipped with a bunch of different functions such as defrosting, baking, reheating, toasting as well as microwaving.

Panasonic NN-GM34JMYUE with high durability

Panasonic NN-GM34JMYUE with high durability is best microwaves

Additionally, the Panasonic NN-GM34JMYUE oven’s cavity is made of stainless steel, not only durable but also commodious for cleaning.  

To sum up, above are the top 10 best microwaves in 2020 that you can refer to. Expectedly, we do hope you can choose the right type depending on their pros and cons, your needs and demands, the number of family members and the price. 

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