The 10 Best Bread Machines

Zojirushi BB-HAQ10 machine

Would you like to make your own hot, fragrant bread for breakfast family? Not difficult, today with only a dedicated baking machine, you can completely become a potential chef. If you are wondering what kind of bread maker with good quality and price to buy, please refer to the article about best bread machines below.

#1. Tiross bread machine TS821

This is Best Bread Machines product. Talking about the best bread maker machines today, Tiross TS821 cannot be ignored. This is a highly appreciated model on the market. The outstanding advantage of Tiross TS821 is the modern and luxurious design. The chassis is made of high-strength materials. Specifically, the stainless steel combines a beautiful high-gloss steel alloy, ensuring aesthetics.

Tiross TS821 - best bread machine


Machine integrated 12 intelligent functions. With Tiross TS821, you can make a variety of breads such as French bread, cakes, sandwiches, … even flour. Power 600W, the machine meets the needs of all family members.

In particular, this model also has a timer mode, keeping warm for a while after the cake has cooked. Along with that is the mode to adjust the color of the cake. This feature helps users to unleash their personal “design” color of the cake.

#2. Bread Maker Panasonic Paln-SD-P104WRA

Panasonic branded products are especially popular with consumers. And the Panasonic PALN-SD-P104WRA is best bread maker . This is the most modern and high-end model that “big” Panasonic has just released. The machine ensures standards such as modernity, high aesthetics and many convenient features.

Panasonic Paln-SD-P104WRA


The power of the machine is about 350W, you can customize the timer to last up to 13 hours. Besides, to get a crispy crispy bread, you just need to put the ingredients in the machine. The only thing left to do is turn on the machine, bring the bread to enjoy in the morning. Belonging to the multi-purpose product line, in addition to bread, you can use the device to bake. The dosing unit of the machine automatically cuts some ingredients and combines them with the cake dough to make the perfect product.

#3. Sandwich Tiross TS513

Tiross has a wide range of quality bakery machines with a variety of designs and prices. Among them, TS513 is Best Bread Machines product with the cheapest model. However, the features and value of this bread machine are not “cheap” at all. Product integrates 3 features, can make waffle, hotdog cake. Both can be used as a convenient grill.

TS513 - Best Bread machines


The product has luxurious design, sophisticated modern design. The chassis uses stainless steel. The handle is insulated with safety indicator lights. In order for the machine to stand firmly, Tiross designers equipped a rubber base. On baking tray coated with non-stick coating, avoid food sticking when processing. In addition, the machine also has the ability to operate stably, finish products quickly.

#4. Tefal cake making machine SM1551

For those who are a fan of sandwiches such as sandwiches, egg cakes, biscuits, … Tefal SM1551 will be the perfect choice. Compact design, space saving. Luxurious and fashionable design, equipped with safety lock.

Tefal cake making machine SM1551

Tefal SM1551 is  Top 10 Best Bread Machines


Furthermore, the Tefal SM1551 is very user friendly. It won’t take you long to learn. With just a few taps, a delicious cake can be baked. Tefal SM1551 also has up to 3 cake molds for users to choose from. The molds are coated with non-stick glaze, avoiding dough sticking. When a batch is finished, the machine will signal through a light signal. Belonging to the line of cheap bread machines, the quality of the Tefal SM1551 is not bad. So you can fully consider using this model of baking machine.

#5. Zojirushi BB-HAQ10 machine

Zojirushi BB-HAQ10 machine

Zojirushi BB-HAQ10 – on Top 10 Best Bread Machines

If you are still “loyal” to products originating from Japan, Zojirushi BB-HAQ10 is a pretty good suggestion. With this model, you can make a variety of delicious cakes. 3 baking modes allow users to customize to get the cake that suits the best.

#6. Tiross bread machine TS822

The next name in the top 10 that we want to introduce to you is Tiross TS822. It is not too much to say that the Tiross brand is one of the top brightest names in the market for the bakery. In addition to TS821, you can consider TS822. Although both models have many similarities in features, the design is very different.

Tiross bread machine TS822 - The Best bread machines

TS822 is still integrated with 12 functions and selects the color of the cake, timer mode as the previous version. However, the TS822’s design is more appreciated. The stainless steel body with modern black color, while not losing luxury, is very clean. High quality non-stick pot with 3l capacity. Power 750W with fast baking time. In addition, the clear, easy-to-use LCD screen is also the advantage of this model.

#7. Bread Machines WMF Kult X Breadback 450w

Germany’s WMF is known for its durable, high-quality products. The Kult X Breadback model is compact, space-saving. Luxurious beauty and sophistication are evident in this bakery model. The menu of Kult X Breadback has 12 functions and many flavors for users to choose from. Whether it’s kneading or crushing ingredients is extremely impressive.

Bread Machines WMF Kult X Breadback 450w

In addition, the machine also has more plus points thanks to its advantages of energy saving, long life. If you want to enjoy the bread with many special flavors, you should not miss Kult X Breadback.

#8. Bread Machine Klarstein 650W

One more quality German brand product you should consult. 650W output is not so common in bakery equipment. However, this very well meets the needs of the user. Klarstein 650W integrates 11 programs. With this diverse menu, you can try your hand at making many cakes with unique flavors.

Bread Machine Klarstein 650W - the Best bread machines

Klarstein 650W – Best Bread Machines

The eye body of the device is not only beautiful but also very solid. The case is full of operation buttons, convenient to use. In addition, the timer of the machine reaches 15 hours. This is a remarkable point of the Klarstein 650W compared to many other models. If you want to enjoy warm cakes after a certain period of time, this model can absolutely satisfy you. Because Klarstein 650W is equipped with an intelligent and convenient incubation regime.

#9. Petrus Pe 6280

With Petrus Pe 6280, you can choose and use flexibly with 3 modes. Specifically, the baking time, humidity level as well as the heat level. These convenient modes help to achieve high precision of the fermentation. Not to mention the smart, scientific control panel, extremely easy to operate.

Petrus Pe 6280

With Petrus Pe 6280 – Best Bread Machines

The machine is compact and modern design, combined with other furniture items to bring luxury to the kitchen space. Rest assured that with Petrus Pe 6280 you can make the most delicious and satisfying sandwiches by yourself.

#10. Zojirushi ZOLN-BB-HAQ10-WZ

The last name on this list is the Zojirushi ZOLN-BB-HAQ10-WZ bread maker. The device has a compact rectangular design with a sophisticated and luxurious white color. Function controls built right into the camera body. So, users can use it easily, don’t need to spend a lot of time to learn.

Zojirushi ZOLN-BB-HAQ10-WZ

Unlike the models above, the shell of this product is made entirely of PP plastic. Not only durable, clean but also aesthetically pleasing. The capacity of Zojirushi ZOLN-BB-HAQ10-WZ belongs to the medium strain. Therefore, the machine can meet the needs of families 4 – 5 people. With 3 baking functions. You can choose between soft or crispy baking mode to suit your taste.

To have a quick batch of golden bread, just press the quick grill mode. After only 2 hours, you can enjoy your delicious hot bread. Timer function of the machine is 13 hours. In addition to bread, you can enjoy some other cakes such as cookies, cakes, …


The above are the top 10 best bread machines available today. Each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best one is the one that meets the practical needs of the user. Therefore, please consider and choose for your family a suitable model that Top 10 Best Products has summarized above.

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