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What Are The Best Wireless Surround Sound Headphones?

[ad_1] In the past, watching television, playing my favorite video games and listening to music without disturbing my family used to be a huge problem because when you live in a big family like I do there is always someone around. I started using regular store bought headphones to enjoy my entertainment experiences but most […]

Will Bluetooth Headphones Cause Health Problems?

[ad_1] Bluetooth headphones are among the convenient innovations that latest technology has given to the world. Such devices continue to change for the better and are continuously being developed to provide satisfaction for users. But, despite the advancements, you cannot help asking whether or not using them is indeed safe for your health. All devices […]

Noise Canceling Headphones – Do They Really Block Out Noise?

[ad_1] Noise cancelling headphones are really a great way to block out unwanted noise around your environment. Will they completely eliminate noise? No not completely but they will remove it enough to give you a little peace and quiet if you want it. Especially on those long airplane trips or your daily commute on the […]

Do Sound Proof Headphones Exist?

[ad_1] It may seem a little silly to describe a pair of headphones as soundproof; after all, is not the whole point of the system to make sound? However, soundproof headphones are a worthwhile purchase. Soundproof headphones simply block out all ambient noise, making a peaceful den of silence about your ears, leaving nothing but […]

The Disadvantages of Using Bass Headphones

[ad_1] Everyone loves a heavy bass, particularly if the sound fills a room and moves everything including the furniture. Concert halls throughout the world were designed to pick up the pure sounds of percussion, strings and horns in complete harmony. The design of modern headphones tries to duplicate that sound and funnel it into just […]

Are Wireless Headphones a Health Risk?

[ad_1] Now in today’s society everything seems to be a health risk. Even with the great invention of wireless headphones, some people are starting to think that this may cause serious brain damages because the headphones are connected to heads. Some even propose that the radiation or the transmitter might even cause cancerous tumors. The […]

All About Wireless Headphones

[ad_1] Headphones and headsets are popular music accessories. While a majority of individuals think the traditional wired headphone is what music lovers should go for and believe wired headphone are more capable of delivering audiophile grade audio quality, a lot many opine they are passé and that wireless headphones are more in vogue. Agreed the […]