Top 10 hight-rated and most durable PlayStation 4 game consoles

PS4 Pro 1Tb 2nd game console

PlayStation 4 (PS4) is the portable game console that is ruling the roost in the online gaming market today. Not only does it bring a great gaming experience but it also helps players to assert their gamer level. If you are planning to buy yourself a PS4 console, don’t hesitate to read this article right away. We will reveal to you right below how to buy the first-rated and most durable PlayStation 4 game consoles at this time!

How many types of PlayStation 4 game consoles are available today?

Currently on the market today, there are 3 main PlayStation 4 series that are favored by gamers: Fat, Slim and Pro. Each model will have distinguished characteristics and features. Players should carefully study this information before making their own choices.

PS4 Fat

The PlayStation 4 Fat is PlayStation 4 game console series has 3 models:

  • PS4 Fart 1000 (released in 2014)
  • PS4 Fat 1100 (released in 2015)
  • PS4 Fat 1200 (released in 2016)

In general, all 3 models own the same hardware configuration. However, depending on the launching time, you can grasp the specifications of the device. As described by many gamers who use PS4 Fat, the 1000 version is the least-recommended-to-be-bought. The poor technique often causes operation errors when playing games.

PS4 Fat PlayStation 4 game consoles

PS4 Fat game console 

PS4 Fat 1100 has been renovated. However, during the game, the “blinking blue light of death” error still occurs. Therefore, only the 1200 version is the safest choice for you.

PS4 slim

After releasing PS4 Fat and making a splash, Sony decided to launch a new line of innovative game consoles, Slim. This model has 2 series:

  • PS4 Slim 2000 (released in 2017)
  • Ps4 Slim 2100 (launched in 2018)

Compared to Fat, Slim was more popular with gamers since it resolves most of the technical errors that made gamers unsatisfied when experiencing. Many gamers have compared the PS4 Slim as “authentic Japanese goods”, “Japanese standard game consoles – like a millstone copper pan”. These machines all possess amazing parameters such as:

  • CPU: 1.6 GHz 6-core AMD Jaguar
  • GPU: 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon (18CU, 800MHz)
  • RAM: 8GB GDDR5
  • ROM: 500 GB / 1TB

PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro brand has also undergone two innovation periods:

  • PS4 Pro 7000 (released in 2017)
  • PS4 Pro 7100 (released in 2018)

PS4 Pro is also the latest model today. These machines are manufactured with various attractive features to improve game effects. Since then, the gaming experience of gamers is also enhanced. To do that, these game consoles have been equipped with advanced and extreme configurations followingly:

  • AMD Jaguar 8-core processor
  • GPU: 4.2 TFLOP
  • RAM: 8GB GDDR5
  • ROM: 1TB

PS4 Pro game console

PS4 Pro game console

PS4 Pro’s configuration outperforms PS4 Fat and is 3 times higher than PS4 Slim. This game console can output sharp and realistic 4K resolution images.

How to check for authentic and fake PS4

Currently, you can easily buy yourself a PS4 console in almost every electronic store. However, not all suppliers are reputable and ensure the quality of the device. Therefore, when buying a PS4 game console, you should check the goods more carefully to avoid “spending money on a quack doctor and only getting worse”, hence turning yourself into the prey for fraudulent merchants to sell counterfeit goods with poor image quality which badly affects your game experience.

According to many experts, you can completely differentiate authentic PlayStation consoles from fake ones just by simple ways as follows:

  • Check the device case: Ensure the box containing the Sony stamp. If it is a hand-carried product, you must check whether there is a round stamp or not!
  • Check whether the serial number on the outer box and the device matches
  • Check the body: Check the HDMI and USB charging ports. Next, check the device’s Firmware by going to Setting => System => System information => System software. If the Firmware is 5.55 then rest assured!

Important note when buying an old PS4 machine

These PS4 consoles on the market are quite expensive. Therefore, you can buy second-hand devices to play. This way as a result will save you a fair amount of money. However, when intending to purchase an old PlayStation console, you need to check some of the following issues to make sure the device you buy is still working effectively!

Check the device’s card reader

The first and foremost thing when buying an old PS4 is to check its card reader. This is the most easily damaged part during use. If the card reader of the device is weak, your game experience will also be degraded. Moreover, the card reader’s repair cost is more expensive than other parts.

Inspect carefully before buying a second-hand device

Inspect carefully before buying a second-hand device

You should bring yourself or borrow the game disc from the seller to put it in the reader. If the card reader is not good or can not read, you absolutely should not buy it at all.

Check the hardware 

Hardware is also easy to damage during its operation. Although replacing this hardware is not too expensive, make sure it is working well so that it does not affect your game experience.

Compared to the card reader test, the device’s hardware inspection will be a little more difficult. You should also insert the game disc into your console for testing. If the game loads fast, the installation process is good, you can ensure up to 90% that the hard drive still works well.

Check online accessing features

Older PS4 consoles often have poor online capabilities. There are even a lot of devices that are online-banned because the previous server used contraband game discs or stolen credit cards. This also means that when buying this device, you can only play offline.

To check online features you need a PSN Plus account. Unless you have a PSN Plus account, it is impossible to test this feature. So how to know if this game console is still playing well online or not? You can borrow the seller’s account to test or try playing free online games like Fornite or Warframe.

Check the keyboard’s sensitivity

Since it is the handle keyboard that directly affects the game experience, you should check its sensitivity before buying. Otherwise, be prepared for the budget of 1 million or more to replace a new controller!

Check the keyboard sensitivity on the controller

Check the keyboard sensitivity on the controller – PlayStation 4 game console

Some important keys you need to check on the controller are LR, D-Pad and drift Analog. We highly recommend you to test both playing modes of the controller. Besides, you should check other keys to see if they are stuck and loose or not!!

Test the device on-game 

Do not forget to test with the game for the most comprehensive inspection. The test duration should be approximately 15 to 30 minutes to see if the device is free of stutter, lag, or hang issues during the game. If so, please return quickly to avoid losing more money for repairing!

Top-rated and most durable PS4 game consoles nowadays

If you are considering buying a PS4, the following recommendations for the best and most durable PlayStation 4 game console will direct you to more references!

PS4 Slim 500GB (CUH-2218A B01)

Playstation PS4 Slim 500GB game console (CUH-2218A B01) is the best suggestion for you to choose from. The device is manufactured by the largest electronics company worldwide, SONY. That is why neither the quality nor design of this game console can be criticized.PS4 Slim 500GB (CUH-2218A B01)

PS4 Slim 500GB (CUH-2218A B01) – PlayStation 4 game console

PS4 Slim Mega pack bundle

PS4 Slim Mega pack bundle is PlayStation 4 game consoles an extremely suitable choice for experiencing strong, action-packed games like GTA, God of War,…. The device is equipped with an 8-core x86 CPU 64bit CPU, 1.84 TFLOPS GPU with 8GB GDDR5 for the highest quality game processing speed.

PS4 Slim Mega pack bundle game console

PS4 Slim Mega pack bundle game console – PlayStation 4 game console

PS4 FAT 500Gb 2nd

This game console is equipped with a heatsink, its game installation capacity can be up to 500GB, allowing players to try various games. Also, the handle design is extremely well designed by SONY, helping players operate more comfortably than other portable game consoles.

PS4 FAT 500Gb 2nd - PlayStation 4 game consoles

PS4 FAT 500Gb 2nd – PlayStation 4 game consoles

PS4 Pro 1Tb 2nd game console

If you intend to buy a PS4 console, PS4 Pro 1Tb 2nd is a perfect option. This sharp 4K graphics and 1TB capacity device allows you to freely experience a bunch of interesting games.

PS4 Pro 1Tb 2nd game console

PS4 Pro 1Tb 2nd game console – PlayStation 4 game console

PS4 Pro 1TB God Of War Limited Edition – 2nd

PS4 Pro 1TB God Of War Limited Edition – 2nd is the item which can not disappoint you. It has x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” CPU, 8 cores and 4.20 TFLOPS GPU plus AMD Radeon ™ graphics for the best visual processing speed and game effects.

PS4 Pro 1TB God Of War Limited Edition - 2nd

PS4 Pro 1TB God Of War Limited Edition – 2nd – PlayStation 4 game console

In conclusion, we have just shared a lot of useful and interesting information you need to know before buying a PlayStation 4 game console. Hopefully, with the information that we have just brought, you’ll find it trouble-free to equip yourself with an appropriate device. Wish you all luck and have a happy game experience!

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