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Sennheiser Headphones – Are These The Best Of Them All?

Absolute shock! That’s kind of reaction I expect to see when anybody sets sights on my good ol’ headphones. To say they are in a deplorable condition is quite an understatement. But I’m not the music lover you find in this era of digital players, iPods and portable MP3 devices. If you’re one of them, […]

How to Use Your Headphones With the New iPhone 8 Mobile Phone

Apple announced some of its greatest phones last year, such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone Plus. These devices have some of the exciting features like wireless charging and high res display. When Apple released its iPhone 7 phone, it was missing headphone jack and people were wondering how they will use the upcoming […]

Find Out How To Utilize The Opera S2 And S5 Wireless Earphones

The Opera S2 and S5 wireless earbuds are undoubtedly one of a kind as they do not actually utilize bluetooth, but a modern technology known as Clear, which is created particularly for streaming music wirelessly. What this means is you’ll need an adapter to be able to connect into the unit, which might or might […]

How to Choose a Pair of Headphones That’s Perfect for You

Headphones come in many shapes and sizes, from small and portable, to huge and clunky. But most people nowadays will probably only own the set of earbuds that came with their cell phones. They may be fine for a while, but they’re usually only good for making hands-free calls on your phone. Sound quality is […]

Noise Cancelling Headphones – Stay Enclosed by Music Only

When it comes to headphones the range and choice available can be quite daunting. Firstly there is the earpiece design: On Ear headphones, Over Ear headphones or In Ear headphones. Then there are the various types of technology features to choose from such as wireless headphones using either RF (Radio Frequency) or Bluetooth so send […]